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Brew People put inclusion at the heart of great leadership


We offer EDI audits, surveys and strategy workshops

Inclusive organisations have everything aligned

In a world of increasing complexity and change, inclusive organisations achieve better customer connection, growth, innovation, productivity and profit. They are also simply great places to work that we can take pride in.

However, deeply established systemic issues can make being truly inclusive difficult. Brew People take a strategic whole-systems approach to achieve deeper inclusion where equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) are threaded through everything, from the strategy down.

Inclusive leadership is great leadership

“Good” leaders will have strategies that identify great people to come on board, empower those people to perform and succeed, support and connect people so that they thrive as teams, and invest in people’s development so they continue to grow.

“Great” leaders, however, will achieve all this with diversity in mind. Brew People help leaders recognise the value of building a diverse team and ensure that they identify, empower, connect and invest in all people with a wide range of identities and talents.

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We offer inclusive leader training and coaching

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We offer inclusive culture training and behavioural "nudges"

Inclusive cultures ensure everyone is valued

Everyone at work is unique. We have different identities, personalities, life experiences and ways of thinking. However, when we feel welcomed, supported and valued for who we are, we feel greater wellbeing and are able to perform better both individually and as a team.

Brew People help teams create a culture of inclusion where we all feel equally welcomed and valued. It requires everyone to play their part as it can take the actions of just one person to undermine the more inclusive actions of others.

Inclusive processes are best practice processes

Even when we recognise and value the importance of diversity, we can still perpetuate inequities in the processes we use to manage people and their careers. Often the way we select, develop, review, promote, support and reward people is based on traditional, and perhaps outdated, assumptions on what signals good performance.

Inclusive organisations challenge these established processes to ensure they move with the times and do not unfairly favour particular groups. Without inclusion, our processes fall short of best practice and the talent of great people continues to be wasted.

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We offer inclusive process reviews, design and training

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We offer targeted positive action solutions

Inclusive solutions bring positive action

Where there has been historic or systemic inequity, individuals may continue to experience unfair disadvantage. Inclusive organisations introduce positive actions that re-balance the additional challenges experienced by particular individuals and groups.

This does not mean favouring individuals from under-represented groups over and above anyone else. Selection, promotion and reward decisions must still be delivered in a way that is fair and consistent for all.

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