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We've been putting our heads together...

Brew People believe strongly in the power that comes through inclusive collaboration, putting our heads together across multiple disciplines. Here we share our own joined-up thinking. Please follow our articles on LinkedIn and add your own thoughts.

Laura Haycock shares the latest happening in the landscaping, gardening and horticulture sector around EDI and how TASK Academy are playing their part in this important mission.

April 2023


Laura Haycock talks to Reset-Media on how diversity is more than about doing the right thing. It also delivers value through stronger innovation, customer connection, and access to talent.

June 2022


Gigi Khonyongwa-Fernandez and Laura Haycock explore how organisations can unlock joy through balancing both organisational and personal purpose

June 2022


Issy Stephens and Laura Haycock outline the reasons to tread carefully when encouraging diverse candidates to apply in job adverts. 

April 2022


Issy Stephens and Laura Haycock on the factors that drive pay inequality and a call for a rethink on how work is designed and rewarded.

Feb 2022


Magda Polok and Laura Haycock on the risks to inclusion from hybrid working and how we address the imbalance in emotional connection that can emerge

Sept 2021


Mary Akimoto and Laura Haycock on bringing EDI to the strategic centre ground in organisations with case study examples from the Third Sector.

Aug 2021

Diverse team sharing ideas

James Whitehead and Laura Haycock on creating systemic inclusion in the voluntary sector. Brew People examine the persistent challenges.

July 2021

Diverse team of volunteers standing together
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