Brew People deliver impact through a blend of psychology, OD and systems thinking


A multi-disciplinary team

Brew People are a multi-disciplinary team of business psychologists, management consultants, diversity experts and change makers. Together, we tap into a wealth of experience, perspectives and expertise. It's what helps us to innovate and to connect with your own equity, diversity and inclusion challenges. It turns out that "what you know" is also "who you know"!

A few key people

Laura Haycock MD of Brew People

Laura Haycock

Laura Haycock, founder and MD of Brew People and "Head Diversity Barista". Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, Chartered Psychologist, Certified in Coaching Psychology, and experienced consultant and business leader. Laura has worked with numerous organisations supporting work in diversity, leadership, OD, strategic change, employee communication and engagement.

My favourite brew is pretty varied: classic English Breakfast Tea first thing, then a shot of black coffee or a zesty fruit smoothy. Later on a reviving Earl Grey, and last thing at night a calming infusion of fresh mint. I believe there's a right time for everything!

Our team has skills in:

Diversity and inclusion

Leadership and strategy

Psychology and well-being

Engagement and change

Mary Akimoto. Team Member of Brew People

Mary Akimoto

Mary Akimoto, executive coach, strategy and change consultant with significant international experience, including comprehensive redesign in the shipping industry. MBA, Masters in Business Psychology, ICF accredited Coach, with research on female entrepreneurs and board diversity and dynamics.
My favourite brew is a morning decaf flat white, lots of water and the occasional glass of wine  to finish off the day. Being a non-native Brit, tea and pints haven’t yet been imprinted on my DNA.

Gigi Khonyongwa-Fernandez. Team Member of Brew People

Gigi Khonyongwa-Fernandez

Gigi Khonyongwa-Fernandez, leadership, diversity, empowerment and wellbeing specialist. MSc in Health, Population and Society. Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching and ICF accredited Coach. International experience and global board appointments in health sectors.
My favourite brew depends on which side of the Atlantic I am on. In my home country, the USA, it’s a tall cold glass of sun-brewed iced tea with lemon. In my adopted country, the UK, its PG Tips with, wait for it...milk!

Maga Polok. Team Member of Brew People

Magda Polok

Magda Polok, programme administrator and lead on remote learning outreach,  engagement, and e-learning design. MSc in Work Psychology with research in diversity, wellbeing, socio-economic status and human-technology interaction.
My favourite brew is a dark roast black coffee or, alternatively, a green tea. Laura thinks this reveals some interesting different sides to my personality! That's psychologists for you.

Issy Stephens. Team Member of Brew People.

Issy Stephens

Issy Stephens (she/they), content and graphics designer, filmmaker, researcher of gender and sexuality. BA (Hons) Film from Falmouth University, currently studying a MSc in Contemporary Identities at Bristol University.
My favourite brew is usually an oat milk cappuccino, that’s my go to. Peppermint tea is also a great one, maybe a berry tea if I’m feeling fruity!

Our team has skills in:





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